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Dry Metallurgical Accounting Sampling

Multotec provides engineering services to select and size the samplers and auxiliary equipment formings part of a complete sampling system that will fit in the space provided.

Auxiliary sampling equipment includes:  

  • Crushers 
  • Splitters & Diverters
  • Sampler Feeder Conveyor
  • Carousel
  • Sample Collectors

The granular material cut increments to make up the sample are performed by the primary sampler. The frequency of the increments can be set in the control panel to collect the representative weight of the sample.  Please contact our experts of your nearest Multotec office for more information

Primary Samplers

  • Hammer Cross Belt 
  • Belt-End Cross Section 
  • Rotary Cross Cut 
  • Chute Cross Cut

Secondary Samplers

  • Rotating Plate Divider
  • Rotating Tube Divider 
  • Dry Vezin