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High Capacity Classification Cyclones

 HC, HA, HCR & HR Ranges Cyclone


Multotec has developed a range of high capacity classification cyclones for heavy duty applications. Typically, these are installed in applications such as grinding circuits (milling), scalping, de-gritting and tailings stacking.

The Scrolled Evolute inlet head allows the cyclones to operate at higher capacities while maintaining sharp and fine cut-points, thus improving efficiency.

The cyclones are manufactured in mild steel with different lining material as per the range:

  • HC: Loose replaceable rubber liners
  • HA: Ceramic tiles
  • HCR & HR: Bonded rubber liners

Our Features & Benefits

Multotec’s HA-HC cyclone is the most flexible high capacity cyclone range on the market. Being easy to retrofit in an existing cluster, these cyclones can be customized to suit your needs and improve capacity and productivity.

  • Weep holes prevent damage to cyclone housings by giving early warning signs calling for preventive maintenance

  • Lining options of loose or vulcanized rubber as well as ceramic tiles and sleeves maximise wear life

  • Lightweight overflow elbow options made from abrasion-resistance HDPE and rubber lined are available

  • Smooth-walled internal components such as multiple cones and vortex finders allow for low turbulence classification and reduced overall wear with higher efficiencies of separation.