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Wedge Wire

Interstage Screening

The right design for the right application. Maximize your gold and silver recovery with the proper interstage screen! Multotec offers engineered solutions with the right design, wire profile and materials for wedge wire interstage screens to suit your needs. Multotec’s CIP and CIL interstage screening solutions facilitate accurate cutpoints and minimal binding with precision-made symmetrical seamless wedge wire cylinders that are spot-welded to ensure close tolerances on aperture sizes, with diameters up to 2100 mm and lengths of up to 4000 mm.

Partnership with Kemix

Multotec Canada and Kemix work hand-in-hand in a partnership in North America to provide on-going support and spare parts to the existing customer base for CIP/CIL circuits. Benefiting from optimized transportation and warehousing logistics, clients can be sure that their parts are available in a nearby location, minimizing lead time and the effect of any emergency situation.

Not Just Any Part. It’s Equipment. 

As an OEM of interstage screens, Multotec has long been devoted to delivering equipment of the highest workmanship. All screens are produced to order with quality control inspections to ensure a flawless and symmetrical cylinder, resulting in higher wear life for your equipment and reduced downtime in your circuit.