Two-in-one sampler

World-Renown Sampling Expertise

Multotec is worldwide known for its expertise in mineral sampling applied on dry and wet processes. Our wide range of equipment suits every sampling requirements up to 36 inches pipe or 12 feet wide conveyor.

Metallurgical Accounting Samplers

These equipment (such as the two-in-one) are specifically designed according to the Sampling Theory to allow each particle an even chance to be sampled ensuring statistical correctness and minimized variance. Well-positioned in your process, they allow an accurate mineral balance, thus enhanced the control of the process and help reaching a better recovery.

Process Control Sampling

We also propose less stringent and smaller samplers for process control such as: In-Line shark fin, pressure pipe, poppet and thief samplers. This range of samplers is designed to fulfill various process measurement, contact of our experts to know which one would suits your need.

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