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Wet Metallurgical Accounting Sampling

Sampler selection is based on process parameters, the quantity of slurry to be collected and space provisions.  

These vertical gravity fed samplers can be fitted to standard pipe diameters up to 900 mm. Cutters are fabricated and designed in stainless steel with sharp edges for wear protection and sampling accuracy. The inside of the sampler housing can be lined with rubber, polyurethane or ceramic for protection from wear. Wash water systems are also offered in order to avoid sample contamination between sample container change outs. The sample to be collected is the result of the cumulative incremental sampler cutter slurry cuts directly into a container. The slurry cuts can be adjusted to a suitable frequency to provide a representative sample weight.  

Multotec Offers Slurry Samplers to Suit Your Specific Needs 


  • Launder Cross Stream.

  • Primary In-Line Slurry. 

  • Two-In-One.

  • Timed & Continuous Vezin.