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Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pump Range 


Multotec can manufacture a full range of heavy-duty horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps from various materials of construction, depending on the application. All our pumps are specifically designed to handle tough and abrasive duties with maximized efficiency in order to deliver minimum energy consumption and optimum performances. 

HD-MD Range Slurry Pumps 

Multotec’s heavy- and medium-duty pump ranges are designed to transport highly dense and corrosive slurries in a wide range of processing applications. Their specialized designs feature a combination of materials: chrome, rubber, various steel alloys and the newly developed SH46, which is an advanced high-chrome material highly resistant to abrasion and offering superior protection in abrasive and erosive applications.  

Ceramic Impellers 

Multotec has developed a great expertise in linings and can offer a variety of ceramic impellers suiting all applications where corrosion and abrasion are an issue. Multotec’s ceramic impellers can be designed and manufactured for any type and size of pump to deliver high wear resistance and optimum performances. 


Multotec can offer fully interchangeable spare parts and pumps with the same footprints, wet ends, base frames and bearing units for the most common brands of pumps available on the market. In-house design and fabrication allow Multotec to offer better pricing for the same level of performance. 

Sump Pumps and Specialized Applications

Multotec’s sump pump range is suited to all sump applications, including highly abrasive and/or corrosives slurries, spillage, carbon transfer, etc. Multotec can also offer a high pressure pump range based upon the same features as our HD pump range, but with operating pressures of up to 5000 kPa.